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Greetings, world!

In About us on February 2, 2010 at 5:13 pm

Does God exist? What is the meaning of life? Can religion and reason be reconciled? Is there a Hell? These and other similarly light questions are the subject of this new e-magazine. Our aim is to bring our readers articles, interviews and links of interest for those whose minds are troubled by the “BIG QUESTIONS”. Fundamentalists seeking new preaching opportunities? Atheists seeking believers to deconvert? Agnostics? Seekers? Catholics? Protestants? Non-Christians? The Metaphysical Inquirer is the ideal read for all of you. The only condition: having an honest interest in asking questions and searching for answers. Though substantive positions will be defended, they are always open to further questioning, criticism and comments. All reader input is desirable, as long as it is respectful.

The author: A Brazilian graduate student (philosophy), whose majors were in philosophy and economics (will his laissez-faire free market position leak through the other-worldly articles to be posted here?), he is a practicing Roman Catholic who asks of his readers (if there ever will be any) only one thing: don’t take any of the above against him!