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Exclusive: an Interview with Daniel Darkins

In Interview on February 2, 2010 at 9:20 pm

Scientist, philosopher and atheist extraordinaire, Daniel Darkins is the leading proponent of science and atheism in the raging science-religion debate. His new book, ‘The Triumph of Science’, is among the most fulminating attacks on faith ever published. Mr. Darkins argues that belief in God is the greatest threat to the continued existence of mankind. The solution he proposes is simple: uncompromising atheism. He has been kind enough to offer The Metaphysical Inquirer an interview, which we now publish for the readers’ benefit. Whatever your stand on this great debate of our times, it is important to hear what both sides have to say.

Metaphysical Inquirer: Mr. Darkins, many believers think your book is disrespectful and intolerant. What do you say to them?

Daniel Darkins: They have entirely missed my point. My book is a plea for tolerance. You see, I have nothing against religious people. Some of my best friends are religious, not to mention family members who have my deep admiration. I think religion itself has noble traits and is a fine product of the human mind. What I write against, what I attack with the full force of my arguments, is fanaticism. Fanaticism is to uphold irrational dogma and impose your beliefs on others. That is the perfect opposite of the scientific attitude, which is to believe only what the evidence permits and convince others with rational arguments.

MI: Cannot atheism itself become a kind of fanaticism? Read the rest of this entry »